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Liquid Stable Coagulation Controls and Reagents.
What is FastAct
FastAct is a new and inovative hemostatic agent that is designed to stop bleeding on contact, and within seconds for arterial hemorrhages. It is comprised of bovine factor proteins: II, VII, IX and X and acts as a catalyst in the clot formation process. This patented single component system can tackle any bleeding situation with the potential to save many lives. When seconds count, FastAct can make the difference between life and more
Why FastAct

FastAct's ability to achieve hemostasis in seconds not only benefits the patient but the hospitals as well, in substantial cost savings in their overhead expenses. By controlling bleeding, the need for blood transfusions is strongly reduced. When FastAct is applied to a wound, it achieves hemostasis in seconds for the entire wound, as compared to minutes for electric cauterization. Although cauterization does stop the bleeding upon contact, cauterization must be applied to each blood vessel in that wound, taking a minute or more to assure all the bleeding has stopped. As a result, FastAct will reduce surgical time as much as 50% or more. read more

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